Young Reader Reaches Goal of Completing 500 Books | Iowa News


“Reading is also my only kryptonite, so it’s late at night and she should probably go to bed, but she just wants to read one more chapter, and I’m having a hard time saying no,” Hernandez said.

It’s bittersweet for his father, Andrew Bribriesco. He loved to read to his daughter. They each read a chapter in turn. Over the past year or so, she has become such a voracious reader that she prefers to do it alone.

Once to three times a week, Hernandez takes his daughter to the library to pick up a new selection of books, which are kept on a counter near the refrigerator for Paloma to pick up at any time.

Hernandez chooses books for his daughter based on her interests – for example, they might choose books on the prairie lands after taking a summer walk in the prairies. She is also representational-minded to expand her daughter’s knowledge base (in November, before the Thanksgiving celebration, she selected Indigenous stories). And she chooses a book in Spanish to continue practicing the language.

For parents who hope to help their children become successful readers, Hernandez considered behavioral modeling key.

“Despite not having a lot of time in our lives, we still try to make a point of reading in front of the children and reading real books rather than just sitting on our phones, and it’s amazing to how well they model your behavior, ”Hernandez said. “Andrew and I as parents read. It makes Paloma want to read, and reading it actually makes his 2 year old brother want to read, so he’s going to sit there and turn the pages and make up a story with the pictures.


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