York Region roads, housing in good condition, report says


Replacement costs have increased by $1.9 billion between 2020 and 2021, but officials say 89% of assets are in fair to very good condition

York Region’s infrastructure remains in good condition, but replacement costs have increased by $1.9 billion in one year, according to a new report.

According to the municipality’s 2021 state of infrastructure report, highlighting the condition of its assets like roads and housing, 89% of assets were rated in fair to very good condition, up slightly compared to 88% the previous year.

However, replacement costs continue to rise, in part due to inflation, with a total replacement value now at $19 billion.

Still, the report says the assets are performing well and should be able to maintain stability in 2022.

The report highlights where the money for infrastructure has gone over the past year. Significant increases include $217 million to support housing services, a $125 million investment to complete the mainline twinning in Newmarket, and $51.5 million in new, replaced or rehabilitated road assets.

The region said the $1.9 billion increase in replacement costs was primarily based on changes in the valuation of existing assets, as well as inflation in the construction industry.

But the region said it was confident about the year-on-year replacement volume. Vaughan Regional Councilor Mario Ferri, president of environmental services, said the region is spending “the right amount of capital dollars on asset management” to reduce the risk of service disruption.

“Keeping assets in good condition is a financially sustainable way to manage the life cycle of infrastructure,” Ferri said.

The full report is available on York Region’s website.


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