Two 800-page art books featuring Elden Ring will be released


The Lands Between and its inhabitants radiate a certain beauty when they aren’t trying to violently murder you in the most gruesome way possible. The kind of terrible and nightmarish beauty From softwarethat creative minds could generate.

The attention to detail, which fuses lore and visuals to create art, can be seen in the environment and opponents. And now you can buy it for just $62

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Artwork for Elden Ring will be presented in art book form, as has been the custom since Dark Souls. So I’m talking about two art books at $31 each.

Volume 1 of the A4-sized art book will include concept art for sets, non-player characters, and armor, while Volume 2 will include artwork for enemies, weapons, and props, as noted by Gaming PC.

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There’s also the Ultra Edition, which includes a framed piece of Godfrey concept art and a beautiful three-sided box to hold the volumes. The price of this edition is astronomical: $125.

Uncertainty surrounds whether the new art books, like the previous ones, will include interviews with the FromSoftware team. However, these interviews shed much light on the artistic method used by the art team as well as the guidance provided by Miyazaki.

Since art book covers are currently just placeholders, we’re not sure what they will look like in the end. If you don’t care, though, there are a number of concept art samples you can browse.

Sony eventually acquired a substantial share of FromSoftware, despite not being a full takeover as previously reported. Together, Tencent and Sony Interactive Entertainment acquired 30% of the company; the former holds 16.25% of the company, while the latter holds 14.69%.

Nevertheless, with 69.66% of the capital, Kadokawa Group will continue to hold the majority of the shareholders.


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