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This week’s best-selling New Zealand books, as recorded by the Nielsen BookScan New Zealand bestseller list and described by Steve Braunias

1 Auē by Becky Manawatu (Makaro Press, $35)

Released next month in Australia and the US, and in Britain in August. From the Australian Business Journal Books + publishing: “Auē is a harrowing yet gripping drama about a family living in the midst of intergenerational domestic violence and gang warfare on New Zealand’s South Island. … Becky Manawatu’s debut novel, first published in New Zealand in 2019 to wide acclaim and since winning numerous awards, stands out for its austere but cautious approach to depicting confronting and uncomfortable subjects. It reminds one of Douglas Stuart Shuggie bath and Romy Ash wade in his exploration of tragedy through the innocent eyes of a child.”

2 In Italy, with love by Nicky Pellegrino (Hachette, $34.99)

I had lunch with two editors this week at Baduzzi on Jellicoe Wharf, and on breaded zucchini flowers with mutton ricotta and basil, crawfish meatballs with lemon cream and heirloom tomato , spinach and ricotta rotolo with tomato and smoked provolone, buttery maltagliati with duck and porcini mushrooms ragout, ranunculus and marinated black walnuts, dark chocolate torta caprese, raspberry sorbet and walnut foam coco, and a platter of formaggio cheeses, we discussed Pellegrino’s novel about food and love set in a small mountain town in Italy.

3 Loop tracks by Sue Orr (Victoria University Press, $35)

Novel about a woman who keeps the baby she was going to abort at the age of 16. From a review by Stephanie Johnson at the New Zealand Academy of Literature: “Loop tracks is an elegant, delicately told and thoughtful story of triumph.”

4 The last guests by JP Pomare (Hachette, $34.99)

5 The author’s cut by Owen Marshall (Penguin Random House, $36)

6 Greta and Valdin by Rebecca K Reilly (Victoria University Press, $35)

seven Kurangaituku by Whiti Hereaka (Huia Editors, $35)

As recommended by Long livein the New Zealand Herald“Kurangaituku, half-woman, half-bird, is at the center of this two-part tale of Maori lore from the perspective of the clawed being who, in traditional tales, is said to have captured Hatupatu, the youngest of four son, and held him captive in his cave high in the mountains. It’s kind of a monster redemption story, offering a new perspective for a misunderstood figure.”

8 where we land by Tim Jones (The Cuba Press, $22)

Publisher’s blurb: “A New Zealand Navy frigate torpedoes a boat full of refugees fleeing a drowning country and Nasimul Rahman is one of the few survivors. He must reach shore first alive, then he must avoid the trigger-happy coastal patrol, on high alert to prevent climate change refugees from entering the country.”

9 She’s a killer by Kirsten McDougall (Victoria University Press, $30)

Fortunately, finally, one of the best novels of recent years is about to return to stores. Demand was high but it sold out a long time ago. The author took to the Twitter machine on Wednesday to explain the delays: “The lack of international shipping logistics means my book reprint arrived over a month late and it’s not so there is nothing for sale. It’s a minor issue in the world’s issues, I know, it’s just damn frustrating, you know, having it written and all.

“I learned that shipping systems are breaking under the weight of our consumption. Covid has worsened a system already stressed due to shopping habits and illness, and here I am, increasing shopping habits by writing a book that people want. the stuff.

“A book about how terminal capitalism has broken people and the environment. Yes, irony. BUT – What are we to do with our deep need to tell and hear stories? Back to the Campfires ? MSS illuminated by hand? I want to do this well, but I don’t know what it is in this system.” His closing tweet: “Gah!!”

Gah indeed; but on Thursday its publisher Fergus Barrowman confirmed that copies “landed in our distributor’s shed”. He added a happy emoji of a party hat but the party is a bit premature: copies have yet to be mailed to stores. The author says it will probably be early next week – thankfully, finally. She’s a killer is an exciting, fast-paced and witty environmental thriller; and below is a nice photo of the author, whose book is likely to climb the charts in the coming weeks.

ten The Whale Rider by Witi Ihimaera (Penguin Random House, $26)


1 Your money, your future by Frances Cook (Penguin Random House, $35)

Asked by Newshub, “What was your biggest financial lesson, success or failure?”, the author replied, “This one happened very early in learning about money and it was a mistake. which many other New Zealanders are also committing.

“It’s easy to ignore KiwiSaver – but for those who do, it can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“In one of the first episodes of the cooking books podcast, we analyzed the numbers on me to see how bad this error was. I was in a default conservative KiwiSaver account at the time, which I just didn’t have time to change, even though I knew a growth account was better for my goals.

“When we worked out the numbers, the conservative account would earn me about $200,000 in retirement, but the growth would earn me $400,000.

“Every delay I delayed the change was costing me a lot of money. The change only took 15 minutes to make.

“Don’t make that mistake! Highly recommend the Search for sorted funds as a free, independent way to determine the best settings for your KiwiSaver.

“Default accounts are not meant to be permanent. If you have never actively chosen your KiwiSaver account, then you are in a default account.”

2 Do not worry by Nicky Pellegrino (Allen & Unwin, $36.99)

3 salad by Margo Flanagan & Rosa Flanagan (Allen & Unwin, $45)

4 Aroha by Hinemoa Elder (Penguin Random House, $30)

5 Maori simplified by Scotty Morrison (Penguin Random House, $38)

6 Words of comfort by Rebekah Ballagh (Allen & Unwin, $24.99)

seven Lost and found by Toni Street (Allen & Unwin, $36.99)

8 Note to self-diary by Rebekah Ballagh (Allen & Unwin, $29.99)

9 The bountiful garden by Niva Kay & Yotam Kay (Allen & Unwin, $45)

ten Maori Made Easy Workbook 1 / Kete 1 by Scotty Morrison (Penguin Random House, $25)


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