The best new love books


Recent Outstanding Fall Romances feature a fun fake relationship, second love chances, and an action-packed thriller.

The Love Hypothesis is endearing and funny, and hits two catnip tropes for me: a fake relationship and the transformation of a cranky.

In a moment of panic, Olive Smith, a brilliant doctoral student. A candidate in the Stanford Department of Biology, grabs and kisses the first man she sees in a desperate attempt to cheat on her best friend Anh, who is convinced that Olive has feelings for another graduate student Anh loves. While her friend may have seen her kissing her “new man,” that man happens to be Adam Carlsen, the terror of the department.

Once the rumor that they are dating spreads across campus, Olive and Adam continue the comedy: Olive wants to make sure her best friend settles into a relationship with her crush, and Adam wants to allay the fears of the administrators. let him go to another school. But what started as a fake relationship between the two scientists soon turns into more as Olive falls in love with the sexy professor. With all the lies she has told, how can she know if what is growing between her and Adam is true?

Hazelwood, who has a doctorate in neuroscience, puts her own knowledge of academia into her charming first novel. (Berkley, $ 16, 383 pages)

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Two recent books present similar stories of rekindled love.

In The Shaadi configuration, Rita Chitniss has moved on after being heartbroken by her high school sweetheart six years ago. She has a new boyfriend and has a career in interior design and furniture restoration. But she is shocked when she visits her parents to reunite with her old love, Milan Rao, at the doorstep. Milan is a real estate auction star who has struggled to sell a house, and it looks like his parents decided he could use Rita’s expertise to decorate and stage the house. She reluctantly agrees to help.

Annoyed that her parents are trying to rekindle something between her and Milan, and eager to prove that she is definitely above him, Rita hatches a plan. She and her boyfriend will rig their responses on Desi dating site to be a perfect match, even if she has no interest in marrying him.

Only the plan fails when the site finds out that Rita’s perfect match is Milan. And as they work more closely together, she realizes that attraction always sings between them.

But will she be able to overcome the devastation he has caused her? Can their new bond outlive their prying parents and a hilarious and salty grandmother? The two will have to correct their past mistakes in order to have a second chance in love.

The Setting up Shaadi is the first adult romantic comedy from Mumbai-born Vale. She was previously known for her novels for young adults. (Putnam, $ 16, 365 pages)

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In A bit like Adiós, Gabriel Aguilar is a successful co-owner of a celebrity gym in Los Angeles that is about to open a second location in New York City. Her partner reached out to someone there to lead the marketing campaign and help research new locations. Gabriel is amazed to find that this person is Michelle Amato, his former best friend from childhood. Gabe and Michelle lived next door in the Bronx and were inseparable until the age of 18, when they got into a fight, and Gabe left to go to college in California. They haven’t spoken to each other since, but both remember the attraction that developed between them as a teenager and have always wondered “what if? “

Michelle was injured when Gabe left and he never responded to her emails. But she wants closure, so she agrees to work with Gabe on one condition: that he stay with her while he’s in New York.

When they finally reunite after so many years, their attraction is immediate and they reconnect with suspicion. Gabe wants to keep his presence in New York a secret, but the two families find out. As the feelings grow alongside the expectations of those close to them, Michelle must decide whether she is ready to risk her heart again. Gabe must decide whether to stay or run away a second time. In the process, they discover more about themselves and what they want in life. (Avon, $ 16, 416 pages)

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Adriana Anders’ latest Survival instincts The series continues the mystery surrounding a deadly virus and the dark Chronos Corp., which will stop at nothing to acquire it. The first in the thriller series, Bleaching, took place in a research center in Antarctica, and Unexplored the frigid action continues in Alaska. Pilot Leo Eddowes and his team traveled to a small village in search of scientist Campbell Turner and a sample of the virus he stole, desperately trying to reach him before the people of Chronos did. Leo is recovering from food poisoning and the rest of his team continue when a local woman comes to tell him that the man they are looking for is his godson. The woman tells Leo to take his old plane because the men from Chronos are arriving. With large helicopters on its tail, pulling out the small plane, Leo barely made it through a narrow opening between the cliffs before the damaged plane crashed into a frozen lake.

Man sees Leo’s air chase and crash; Not knowing if she’s friend or foe, he pulls the wounded Lion out before the plane sinks through the cracked ice. And so begins another action-packed adventure starring a capable and strong heroine and the hero she teams up with to survive dangerous foes in an even more dangerous environment.

Leo realizes he can’t be Campbell since he’s much younger and taller, but he won’t immediately reveal who he is. It turns out to be Elias Thorne, and he’s been living in a secluded cabin for years, hiding his own secret. Filled with suspicion, the couple must form a cautious alliance to escape Chronos’ men, who are now on foot and looking for them. As they deepen into the frozen nature, trust and then attraction grows between the couple, who must rely on each other to survive. (Sourcebooks Casablanca, $ 9, 384 pages)

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Crazy hearts is the fourth volume in Synithia Williams’ Jackson Falls series, which revolves around the wealthy Southern Robidoux family. Full of drama among the beautiful and the mighty, the series would make a fabulous soap opera.

Ashiya Waters operates a successful consignment store. Her mother is a Robidoux, but Ashiya never wanted to get involved in the internal feuds for control of Robidoux Holdings.

Her life is turned upside down when she learns that her paternal grandmother, who had disowned Ashiya’s father, passes away and leaves everything to Ashiya, including control of the shares of the family business, the Legacy Group.

Ashiya calls on her cousin Elaina (subject of the third volume of the series, Carefree whispers), to give him some tips on how to run a multi-million dollar company. But instead, Elaina sends Russell Gilchrist to help, much to Ashiya’s dismay.

She and Russell had been dating in earnest before, but it broke his heart when she decided to give her ex one more chance. Ashiya soon discovered the ex’s infidelity, but it was too late to reconcile with Russell.

As they work together as she takes the helm of the Legacy group and research the source of the embezzlement, she hopes to show him that she deserves another chance. (HQN books, $ 10, 237 pages)

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