The best climate podcasts, documentaries and books…

The climate issue

BBC World Service presents The climate issue, a weekly podcast exploring why we find it so difficult to save our own planet and how we could change it. The 30-minute episodes dive into topics such as why the climate justice movement has an image problem and whether society places too much faith in technological advancements. It’s a perfect listen for those frustrated with climate inaction and the larger psychological, philosophical and societal issues surrounding it.

Listen here.

Planet B: Everything must change

Novara Media’s Climate Podcast examines the crisis from a left-wing perspective, exploring issues such as climate debt, migration justice, infrastructure and labor. Hosted by Dalia Gebrial, the six-part series of hour-long episodes offers comprehensive solutions for building a global Green New Deal (public policy to address climate change), featuring some of the most important academic voices on social justice.

Listen here.

Climate Change for Beginners: An Extinction Rebellion Podcast

Perfect for those new to the subject, Extinction Rebellion’s climate podcast covers the basics of everything from fracking and why meat is bad for the environment to Australia’s bushfires. Hosted by scientist and activist Dr Ciarán O’Carroll, the short podcast episodes break down the most frequently asked climate questions. The podcast currently appears to be no longer active, but it’s a great knowledge archive.

Listen here.

How to save a planet

Journalist Alex Blumberg and a team of climate nerds” (their words, not mine) have put together an inspiring and energizing podcast, which deciphers the plethora of overwhelming problems the climate crisis has created. The perfectly produced episodes vary in length and drop weekly.

Listen here.


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