Step 1 – Research Your Options


Posted: Posted Date – 6:52 PM, Sat – Jul 30, 22

Hello readers! In last week’s column, we went over part of the first step of EducationUSA’s “5 Steps to Study in the USA”.

To review, students should make a list of various preferences for their educational experience and the research institutions that most interest them and while researching, students should also check the official website of the college or university. Beware of outside websites that claim to have “ranking” information about the establishment.

To continue, students must also research financial information (tuition, cost of living, course materials, insurance, etc.). To find this information, you can go to the university’s admissions page or the bursar’s webpage*.

When researching tuition, students should research the non-resident rate, since they are international students. While considering the cost of living, students should investigate dorms on campus. However, students should also have a secondary plan in case this option becomes unavailable.

Specific information about financial support for international students can be found on financial aid or on the school’s department-specific web pages. More general information on financial aid can be found at and or

Students should also consider campus life when choosing a college or university. This may include housing, clubs and societies, campus police information, and the availability of international student services on campus. Knowing the environment of a campus will help you decide if you want to spend your time pursuing your studies there.

Finally, it is essential that students verify that their list of preferred institutions is accredited. You can find a list of accredited programs published by the US Department of Education at and one published by the Department of Homeland Security at

To conclude Stage 1, students should remember that screening colleges and universities takes time. Don’t rush, start the process early and write down all the information you need to find the institution that’s right for you.

Next week, we will move on to “Step 2: Finance your education”.

*A bursar is the manager of the financial affairs of an institution.


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