Searching for a movie on the web, books limit you


Director Sashi Kiran Tikka’s next cinematic offering is the biographical drama based on the life of Sandeep Unnikrishnan, who was martyred in the 26/11 terrorist attacks in Mumbai. While the film “Major” provides insight into the horrific event, it also presents Sandeep’s life, growing up years and training days on screen.

For this, filmmaker and lead actor Adivi Sesh who is also the author of the film went to various places including Unnikrishnan school, his training camps to get accurate knowledge about his life. The filmmaker believes it’s important to do the groundwork for a film and not just rely on information provided on the internet and in books.

He tells us: “Sesh and I traveled sometimes together and sometimes alone. We met people in Bangalore, Mumbai and Manesar. We did a lot of research. The internet and books limit your viewing. feeling to know what all the people and places meant to Sandeep. I went to Frank Anthony Public School, met his teachers, and sat in his classroom. So it’s really so important that you really have to feel what he did and what the real environment he experienced was. It really helps the movie. “

Since the film isn’t just about the terrorist attacks and tells the story of Unnikrishnan’s life, Tikka invested six to seven months in research before hitting the floors. It also, in a way, posed a certain challenge to the director of ‘Goodachari’.

“Our research was so thorough for a feature film, that condensing it into a 2.5 hour format was quite difficult. That in itself was a challenge. Getting into the mind of Sandeep. get into a certain personality. Sesh really worked hard and my effort was also to ensure that he was still Sandeep during all these years of making the film”, explains the filmmaker, who is collaborating with Sesh for the second time after the film. hit “Goodachari”.


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