Researchers warn in new study of mass extinction level event


A new study published in the Tohoku University Biogeosciences journal Climatologist Kunio Kaiho offered a new perspective on the future of the planet.

The study which details that over the past hundreds of millions of years the Earth has undergone many different changes and that throughout this period it has undergone mass extinction level events that wiped out plant and animal species. Many of these drastic changes were triggered by natural events such as volcanoes or asteroid impacts, but whatever the source, the environment and its inhabitants had to adapt to survive.

Posted last month, the study indicates that evolution needs time to adapt to a new environment and according to the study results, human-caused climate change may trigger a mass extinction event that will occur on a much shorter window of time than previous events of its caliber. Notably, the last mass extinction occurred around 60,000 years ago.

Researchers found that in the absolute worst-case scenario, humans would cause the Earth to reach 16 degrees Fahrenheit in just a few 100 years, which would kill many species because evolution wouldn’t have enough time to make the adaptation. necessary.

Jak Connor

Jak Connor

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