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Nagpur. Of all the government and non-government vehicles on the city’s roads, 70% of them are belching black smoke. Especially the state of public transport is bad. Wherever buses or heavy goods vehicles passing through the city pass, it becomes difficult for people to breathe. Municipal buses also run in all areas of the city. Most of them give off smoke. Along with this, vehicles carrying groceries, water, or other things also emit black smoke.

People linked to the environment say that if pollution is to be controlled, there is a need to run electric buses in the city. For this, during the year 2019, the Municipal Corporation had decided to donate approximately 40 electric buses to the Department of Transport. An agreement has also been signed with a private company in Hyderabad in this regard, but for some reason this plan has not yet taken shape. If this plan is implemented, the city will be able to get rid of pollution to a large extent. Although electric bicycles and rickshaws circulate in the city, their number is very less. Electric vehicles seem expensive to people right now, so they are being purchased in very small numbers.

Relief from CNG and LPG

The city may not have large electric vehicles, but the number of CNG and LPG vehicles has increased. Sharad Kumar, a businessman by profession, says his job is to hire four-wheelers. They rent long distance vehicles. Revenues increase on CNG vehicles compared to diesel and gasoline. It also doesn’t have much upkeep. In addition, pollution is also negligible. However, where CNG is not available, gasoline must be worked on. Motorists in the city have started using LPG gas.


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