Praise for the good state of the coastal waters of Orihuela Costa

ANNUAL MEETING: Damaso Aparicio with other members of the IEL Board of Directors Photo credit: Orihuela Town Hall

ORIHUELA’s environmental advisor, Damaso Aparicio, recently attended the annual meeting of the Institute of Coastal Ecology (IEL) in the city of Alicante.

Aparicio represented Orihuela, as the city has a permanent place on the IEL board.

During the meeting, the IEL drew attention to the coastal waters of Orihuela Costa reflected in the good condition of the seaweed Posidonia Oceanica underwater meadows, which are essential for the maintenance of marine fauna.

The IEL also congratulated the Municipality of Orihuela for the measures taken to recover the dunes in the region and its efforts to coordinate environmental protection with leisure and economic strategies.

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