One in 50 miles of poor Notts roads


The AA said England’s roads are stuck in a rut with motorists facing a “plethora of potholes” on their journeys.

The roads managed by the council were reviewed in the 12 months to March 2021 and classified as “red” if they were to be considered for maintenance.

The figures of the Department of Transportation show that 2% of Nottinghamshire’s A roads were classified in this worst category – unchanged from 2019-2020.

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Nottinghamshire Council is committed to improving the county’s roads, Councilor Neil Clarke said.

And 3% of roads B and C also needed works.

A recent AA poll indicated that nine in ten drivers want the government to invest heavily in repairing local roads.

Jack Cousens, head of road policy at AA, said: “While the government claims road conditions are ‘stable’, the harsh reality is that they are stuck in a rut.

“Road users don’t have to travel too far from home to see a plethora of potholes, fractured tarmac, worn surfaces and discolored road markings that make driving and cycling uncomfortable at best and dangerous at worst. “

Councilor Neil Clarke, Chairman of the Nottinghamshire Council Transport and Environment Committee.

DfT figures suggest that the smaller roads in England are in even worse condition than the classified roads, with one in six miles in the “red” category.

In Nottinghamshire, 25% of unclassified roads needed maintenance in 2020-2021, up from 23% a year earlier.

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Councilor Tom Hollis called for improvements to roads in Nottinghamshire.

Earl Tom Hollis, Nottinghamshire Council The member for Sutton West and spokesperson for Independent Transport at County Hall said, “The only thing surprising about these numbers is that one in 50 seems too low.

“The reality is that these numbers cover Nottinghamshire as a whole.

“Real inequalities continue to exist in the distribution of motorway spending in Nottinghamshire.

“Areas like Newark and Rushcliffe have received millions more in pavement and road repairs than places like Ashfield and Mansfield. It is because the Conservatives continue to allocate funds based on length, not use of roads. This means that probably one in 20 roads in places like ours needs fixing and over one in 100 needs fixing in the wealthier parts of the county.

“Fixing our broken roads and sidewalks is the number one priority for Ashfield Independent Consultants.

“Make no mistake, improvements have been promised via the recent road review at County Hall due to the relentless campaign that we, as independent advisers, continue to do.

The council’s multi-stakeholder highway review has just released its recommendations for Nottinghamshire roads, including the use of new technology and equipment to improve the quality of repairs, as well as the passage of a road investment program to ‘one year to a three year program, so residents get a better idea of ​​when their road can be repaired.

Councilor Neil Clarke, chairman of the council’s transport and environment committee, said: “In the recent elections, the main problem on the doorstep was repairing and maintaining the roads.

He said “the whole stack” of the panel’s recommendations was supported by advisers.

He said: “Our commitment is stronger than ever to improve the roads in Nottinghamshire.”

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