Nottinghamshire council ‘open to ridicule’ over road condition figures


However, the conservative-led administration hit back at that claim and suggested that the county’s roads are by no means the worst in the country.

Nottinghamshire Council’s transport and environment committee has reviewed documents suggesting that 98% of A-roads in the county are in good condition.

The figures also suggest that 97% of B and C roads are in the same condition, with 75% of unclassified roads also rated as being in good condition.

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Earl Tom Hollis with a pothole repair in Ashfield.

However, an opposition councilor questioned the figures and said that, given the long-standing problems with repairing potholes in Nottinghamshire, the figures would be ‘downright confusing for residents’ .

It came as councilors took their first look at a three-year plan for the county’s roads investment – a change from the usual one-year plan to give residents ‘clarity’ , following a cross-party highway review.

Councilor Tom Hollis, Ashfield Independents member for Sutton West, said: ‘The figures in this report leave this advice open to ridicule.

“To suggest [these figures is] frankly confusing for residents. If you don’t recognize the problem, how do you plan to fix it?

“May I ask who undertakes the reviews of our roads and how far back are these figures? Do they precede storms Dudley, Eunice and Franklin? I don’t need any analysis to tell me that our highways are in the worst shape.

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One in 50 miles of Notts roads in poor condition


Highways group manager Gary Wood said the figures are the result of nationwide assessments by external surveyors undertaken in the summer of 2021, before any potential damage from winter storms.

He said: “The numbers in the report come from national indicators and are based on national standards. These are not surveys carried out by ourselves, but by external investigators.

“They must all be nationally accredited and the A, B and C route figures are based on machine readings – a machine traveling the route to take measurements.”

These gangs will divert the council’s attention away from the Viafix temporary asphalt solution, with more roads to be permanently repaired and longer term fixes to be given.

Councilor Neil Clarke, chairman of the committee, hit back at the claim that roads in the county are in the worst condition, saying the review and the £12million approved last month means the authority has now work in place to ‘significantly improve’ Nottinghamshire’s roads and pavements.

He said: “It has been shown by various surveys that Nottinghamshire is far from the worst road in the country.

“You will know from the motorways sign how many improvements we have now put in place, working hard to significantly improve the condition of the roads in Nottinghamshire.”

Documents show the authority has budgeted £24.73million for its motorways works over the coming year.

Around £4.5 million will be spent on the maintenance of four A roads, 10 B and C roads and 21 unclassified roads.

A further £1.6m will be spent on protective works on around 100 streets, including £1m for preventative works and improved street lighting, £1.5m for pavement works and £800,000 for drainage.

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