New mask offers potential solution to environmental crisis caused by COVID


Girl on the street wearing SUPRMASK

SUPRMASK compared to other masks

SUPRMASK compared to other masks

SUPRMASC structure

SUPRMASC structure

SUPRMASK is the first mask on the market to effectively prevent the transmission of the virus while reducing environmental waste.

LONDON, GREATER LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, December 21, 2021 / – Many countries have started to shut down again due to the emergence of the Omicron variant. For this reason, waste from single-use disposable masks has reached an all-time high, polluting waterways and ecosystems. A company, SUPRCARE, hopes to help prevent the transmission of the virus while combating this environmental crisis with the recent release of their antimicrobial, reusable, pure silver SUPRMASK technology.

Rather than being made with nanomaterials, SUPRMASKs are made with layers of non-corrosive, odorless microbial tissue that protect individuals against COVID-19. SUPRMASK uses stabilized, metallized and antimicrobial silver technology that acts as a chemical barrier to stop the transmission of the virus.

SUPRMASK is the first mask product to combine the virus and bacteria killing effects of silver with the world of personal protective equipment. Most disposable masks on the market need to be thrown away after each use, contributing to 7,200 tonnes of medical waste each day. That total litter count is only expected to increase this winter as the number of infected individuals increases and the Omicron variant spreads. SUPRMASKs, on the other hand, can be reused over and over again. The 99.9% silver lining immediately kills viruses on contact, effectively removing all traces of bacteria.

By reducing the need to waste resources rewashing or replacing a face mask every day, SUPRMASKs could be the cost-effective solution to the environmental crisis caused by mask waste. Reusable masks are a solution, but to research has shown that many homemade and fabric masks are not as effective at stopping the transmission of COVID-19 bacteria. SUPRMASK cites the scientific literature on its website to demonstrate the effectiveness of its advanced film technology.

Other disposable masks on the market currently contain microplastics, which infiltrate waterways and pollute natural ecosystems. This increase in plastic pollution greatly threatens marine fauna and aquatic environments, because animals can confuse masks and food. Microplastics in the ocean too finding their way into the food supplybecause fish and other seafood ingest toxic materials. These harmful and toxic particles could eventually get into people’s bodies through the consumption of food.

With the release of the SUPRMASK product, company founder Rudiger Mees hopes: “With the emergence of a new variant, people will start looking for longer term solutions for their personal protective equipment. We have one of the only reusable, evidence-based solutions for an anti-virus mask, and I’m excited to bring it to the market. “

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