Loud music played in the operating room may improve surgeons’ performance, study finds


(CNN) – You might assume that a quiet environment might be crucial for a surgeon’s steady hands, but a recently published article study says that listening to music can improve a surgeon’s performance.

Loud rock music had the most beneficial impact.

The study, conducted by researchers at Germany’s Heidelberg University, tested novice surgeons performing laparoscopic procedures by blasting AC/DC hits like “TNT” and “Highway to Hell.”

The results showed that hard rock significantly improved both the accuracy and speed of tasks performed, especially when played at high volume.

“I believe it,” said Ohio State University surgical oncologist Dr. Timothy Pawlik.

Pawlik says he listens to all kinds of music in the operating room.

“Everything from country to pop to hard rock to Christian,” he said.

Pawlik believes there is a “therapeutic nature to music” for caregivers and patients.

He likes to have loud music when he’s in the operating room.

“I want to make sure people don’t feel like they’re at a rock concert,” Pawlik said. “But yeah, I play hard rock in the operating room.”

If you’re due for surgery soon, you might consider urging your surgeon to go wild.

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