King Charles’ interest in environmental crisis could destroy Queen’s legacy, experts say


Charles has been preparing for the role of the new monarch all his life. However, royal experts predicted that he will face multiple challenges while maintaining good relations with the country’s government.

While holding the longest apprenticeship of 70 years, King Charles actively campaigned on environmental issues for over 50 years. He was and was also an early advocate for climate action.

Fears have emerged that King Charles could destroy Queen Elizabeth’s legacy as Prime Minister Liz Truss’ government has threatened to accelerate fossil fuel extraction by introducing more oil drilling and fracking.

The new policy could impact Charles’ passion for environmentalism, as his contribution to the issue could “risk everything his mother worked so long to protect”, said journalist Dominic Lawson.

As head of state, the monarch must remain strictly neutral in political matters.

Her Majesty had remained neutral throughout her 70-year reign, but some claim Charles’ input on environmental issues may now be needed as Truss’ policies threaten to cause further damage to the environment.

The UK previously agreed on legally binding targets to reduce carbon emissions by 2050 to reach net zero.


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