Henry Cavill focused on these aspects of The Witcher books when channeling Geralt in Season 2


Henry Cavill sat down with QG to discuss what he channels to get into some of his most iconic characters, and, naturally, Geralt of Rivia came into the conversation. The actor noted that since they didn’t have time to go into all the complex dialogue and nuance of the source material, he had to bring Geralt’s most important features to life in another way.

“How can I reflect Geralt’s intelligence and wisdom?” Cavill remembers wondering. “And I thought to myself, what if I really do the man who listens more and watches more.” The actor went on to explain how he allows Geralt’s more sarcastic side to come out with a mocking snort or quirky comment.

“The great thing about going into Season 2 is that I actually wanted to make sure that Geralt book shined even brighter,” Cavill continued. “Especially when seen in a more personal environment.” Here, the actor refers to how Geralt must take Ciri (Freya Allan) under his wing in order to protect her from the many dark forces that seek her.

Either way, Cavill must be doing something right as the response to the character from fans of the book and video game series has been mostly positive. Hopefully Cavill can take the character even further in the upcoming 3rd season of “The Witcher.”


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