Glasgow clean-up workers have the right to remind us of another environmental crisis – Brian Wilson

Glasgow garbage collectors are set to go on strike during the COP26 climate change summit (Photo: Martin Keene / PA)

Timely words on the radio yesterday from GMB union official for the Glasgow City Council cleaning department, Chris Mitchell. If only the city had political leadership with so much passion and commitment!

Instead, he has a SNP-led council that acquiesces to the brutal cuts imposed by their political allies and now the rats are returning home to roost with a threat of strike action from cleaning workers.

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As Mr Mitchell pointed out, they too are in favor of a sustainable and greener future – while fully aware that Glasgow City Council ‘has an environmental emergency on its doorstep’ created by years of ‘cuts. massive in the cleaning budget ”.

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COP26: city refuses workers to go on strike during climate change summit …

Mr Mitchell explained the long-standing nature of the conflict which is not, as the Scottish government claims, only between Cosla – a useful shield – and the unions. There are also factors specific to Glasgow.

It is also not something prepared for COP26 – although workers can hardly be blamed for using a little leverage to defend their cause. It looked like a pandemic bonus of £ 500 consolidated into the wage deal could do the trick. Pay, I say.

“There are places in the UK that are closing their cleaning budgets,” said Mr Mitchell, “because they are proud of their cities”. It is an idea to consider for any authority which values ​​its own environment.

Cleaning is a service of Cinderella, but it is a service on which society depends enormously. The Glasgow cleaners have done us all a favor by getting this message across.

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