Gerardo Martino and the great condition he posed for Carlos Vela’s return to the Mexican national team

The dillema of Carlos Vela and Gerardo Martino

The participation of the Mexican national team in the next World Cup is getting closer and closer, and in light of this, terrible news has hit the environment of the team in recent days. Tecatito Corona suffered an injury with Sevilla FC and will not be able to play for El Tri in Qatar.

In view of this situation, an important profile like Carlos Vela could be in charge of replacing him in the national team. However, Gerardo Martino understands that this is a matter that goes beyond sport and would have conditions for him to return to the team.

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One of the major conditions that Gerardo Martino would pose is attributed to the question of responsibility in terms of training and all the calls prior to the expedition of the whole team to Qatar next November.

Will Gerardo Martino forgive Vela’s veto?

With Corona’s injury, the Argentine coach is aware of Carlos Vela’s talent and what he could bring to the team. He knows that Carlos Vela could agree to return under the right conditions, but he will also have to give in under certain conditions to the Mexican Football Federation, which does not negotiate image rights, so his return is certainly complicated.


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