GenZ and millennials in India prefer hybrid working, Deloitte study reveals


According to a Deloitte study, a growing number of GenZ (66%) and millennials (67%) in India prefer a hybrid working arrangement and see flexible and remote working as an opportunity to improve their work/work balance. personal life.

According to SV Nathan, Partner and Director of Talent, Deloitte India: “With the growing demand for hybrid working arrangements, Deloitte’s survey reveals that if Gen Z and Millennials were in the driver’s seat, they would prioritize and allow employees to work flexible hours to improve work. / life balance. It has become imperative for all organizations and business leaders to play a role in helping their employees set boundaries to protect work/life balance.

The study titled ‘2022 Generation Z and millennials Survey’, also revealed that Gen Z and Millennials in India are more optimistic about the country’s economic and socio-political situation than others.

Here are some other interesting findings from the study.

Finance: More than two-thirds of GenZs and 8 in 10 millennials said in the survey that they felt confident they could retire comfortably and pay all their monthly expenses.

The survey also revealed another interesting fact, which is that around 62% of GenZs and 51% of Millennials have additional paid employment in addition to their main job.

Work-life balance: GenZ and Millennials said that a good work-life balance, a positive work culture, and access to good learning opportunities at work are the top three reasons they consider when choosing a new workplace.

Additionally, they also prefer hybrid/remote work arrangements as it helps them save money and also gives them more time to spend with family and pursue a hobby. About 19% of GenZs and 23% of Millennials said that if they were in charge, they would allow employees to work flexible hours and work remotely, to improve their work-life balance.

Environment: The survey also revealed that about 95% of Gen Z and Millennial Indians try to minimize their personal impact on the environment.

Not only that, but India’s Gen Z and Millennials also want to see their employers invest in areas and ideas, including banning single-use plastic, providing training and also encouraging people to adopt a better choice. environmental.

Economic outlook: About half of Indian GenZs believe that over the next 12 months India’s economic outlook will improve.

Top areas of concern among Gen Z and Millennials

The survey found that GenZs are more concerned about education, skills, and training, while millennials are more concerned about unemployment, mental health, and more.

But a common area that concerns them both is climate change and environmental protection.


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