Feasibility study to examine the reopening of the Salthill tidal basins


A total of € 44,000 has been set aside in the Galway City Council budget to carry out a feasibility study on the reintroduction of tidal pools at Ladies Beach in Salthill.

Over the past year, there have been calls for the tidal pools to become operational again, and in March a petition calling for their reopening garnered more than 6,000 signatures. The appeals also received support from Fine Gael Galway City West City Councilor Clodagh Higgins.

Ladies Beach once had tidal pools – contained areas that deliberately flooded at high tide, creating an area in which people could swim in seawater, but at a shallower depth and in a sea-like environment. pool. However, in the late 1980s Ladies Beach was significantly redeveloped and the tidal pools were replaced with a square-like structure.

Proponents of tidal pools say they would be ideal for less confident swimmers looking for a safe and sheltered place to swim in the sea, and that they could also function as places where swimming lessons could be taken. taught.

Cllr Higgins welcomed the funding for the feasibility study and said it was “another step forward to help further improve the amenity value” of Salthill.

“It makes sense on so many levels that these pools are reintroduced as many people in Salthill have learned to swim in the now defunct tidal pools,” she said. “During the pandemic we have seen a huge surge in interest in ocean swimming and opening a facility like tidal pools would be a benefit for those who are starting to swim and can feel a bit intimidated by the prospect of swimming on the high seas. ”


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