Environmental Crisis and Refugees in South Asia


Five 8000m peaks make up the breathtaking mountainous region of northern Pakistan. In recent years, temperature rises and heat waves have led to glacial phenomena, eventually leading to flash floods. The Gilgit Baltistan region is expected to displace almost 70% of its inhabitants due to environmental causes.

Pakistan gets the small end of the stick as the country contributes less than 1% to global emissions, but sees these drastic implications due to big business in the western world.

Abdullah Khawaja and Michael Martin have partnered with Al-Khidmat, Pakistan’s largest NGO offering a wide range of social services. The goal is to provide solar power to schools for orphaned girls and hospitals for the needy across the country. All funds raised will go directly to Al Khidmat to support one (1) solar project with a goal of five (5) by the end of 2024.

Abdullah and Michael will also film a documentary observing the impacts of glacial melting, flash feeding, rising temperatures (near 150F) and soil erosion across the country. The film is slated for release in Fall 23, with production entirely pro bono until the funds for the solar projects have been raised.


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