Digital transformation has become crucial in today’s living conditions


Minister of Communications and Digitization, Ursula Owusu-Ekuful described ICT technology and services as essential in today’s living conditions due to the spread and lessons learned from the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking ahead of the World Telecommunications Policy Forum (WPTF-21) 2021 virtual event, the President said the pandemic has caused a dramatic increase in ICT dependency for business, health, work, l education and social purposes, among others.

“In 2019, ITU Member States decided to hold this 6th Global Telecommunication / ICT Policy Forum. This was long before the COVID-19 pandemic made it clear how essential telecommunications and ICT services are in people’s lives. This is what allowed us to have almost normal communications and socio-economic activity. But from September 2019 to November 2021, a group of over 170 experts representing ITU Member States, Sector Members and academia met regularly to draft a set of non-prescriptive policy documents called “Opinions”. which will be discussed and approved. by consensus in the Forum.

She further explained that the forum’s discussions will focus on new and emerging telecommunications mobilization policies for sustainable development, which will cover a range of breakthrough technologies and services, including artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet objects (IoT), 5G, big data and over-the-top services (OTT).

“The 5 draft opinions they worked on deal with how new and emerging telecommunications / ICT services and technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, big data and over-the-top (OTT) services can be catalysts. of a global transition to the digital economy. We have all realized how essential digitization has become to everything we do. We therefore need to consider how existing technologies and new and emerging technologies can facilitate this transition. “

She added: “In fact, an opinion specifically addresses the role played by these technologies and services in facilitating the use of telecommunications and ICTs for sustainable development. We still have the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals to achieve. It is important to note that this is not a single technology, but rather a mixture or convergence of technologies, which will support the extraordinary technological advancements at the center of this year’s Forum.

2030 Agenda

Ms Ursula expressed her enthusiasm that the emerging technologies that will be the main topic of discussion at the forum will help address the most pressing global challenges which she believes range from eradicating hunger to reducing inequalities. and poverty, with the aim of meeting the 2030 goals. An agenda for sustainable development leaving no one behind.

“The emerging technologies that we will discuss at the Forum can help us tackle the most pressing global challenges – from eradicating hunger to reducing inequalities and poverty to tackling climate change. Everything from education to healthcare, finance, mobility, agriculture, energy, accessibility and all other areas related to the SDGs can be facilitated and transformed through technology. All! But to be successful, we must keep the promise of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development by leaving no one behind, ”she stressed.

About WTPF-21

The Sixth World Telecommunication / ICT Policy Forum (WTPF-21) is a high-level international event where members of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and other stakeholders come together to exchange points of view. view on the main political issues arising from the rapid evolution of information and communication today. technological environment (ICT).

Organized by ITU, the Forum is designed to foster debate, develop new perspectives and build multi-stakeholder consensus expressed in the form of “Opinions” illustrating a shared vision to guide ongoing global policies, standardization and efforts. development of ICTs around the world.

The forum offers a unique opportunity to join high-level decision-makers from around the world for in-depth debates on international public policy issues that drive the evolution of tomorrow’s networks and services.

The theme of WTPF-2021 is “New and Emerging Telecommunications / ICT Mobilization Policies for Sustainable Development”.


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