Data and Assessment Methods Hindered Student Progress – Study


A study conducted by T4 Education in conjunction with EdTech Hub said that limitations in technology, particularly the high cost of data, and educational assessment methods have not allowed for accurate assessment of progress. students and identify learning losses created by COVID-19

The study which was conducted in Nigeria and other low- and middle-income countries argued that effective EdTech tools and techniques for tracking progress in an online environment were essential if governments were to close the gaps in learning materials that have grown during the pandemic.

The report, titled “Effective Assessment and Tracking Progress in an Online Environment,” provided critical insight into how tools and techniques for tracking progress need to be improved if governments are to close learning gaps. during the pandemic.

The study was undertaken in six countries, including Nigeria, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, the Philippines and South Africa, and was based on focus group discussions with teachers and school leaders In each country.

A statement from the organizations said the report highlighted how constant access to electricity has proven to be a big challenge for teaching students and tracking their progress during the pandemic, as has the lack of access to devices.

EdTech Hub Executive Director Verna Lalbeharie said, “The extreme challenge placed on teachers in Nigeria and around the world to ensure the continuity of student learning in a long-term emergency environment is something we have to learn”.

“No technology can replace the art of good teaching.”

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