Coventry City of Culture celebrations highlight impact of environmental crisis


Coventry City of Culture the celebrations highlighted the impact of the global environmental crisis this weekend.Local female artists led a ‘walking forest’ performance, where they moved with two recently felled 7m tree branches in Warwickshire.

The artists said they were highlighting “the devastating impact of human behavior on the planet and its ecosystem.”

The performance was part of Coventry UK City of Culture’s Green Futures program, which received £ 3million in funding to show how arts, culture and heritage can ‘act as a vehicle’ for climate action.

Artist Ruth Ben-Tovim told ITV Central that the artwork “puts in the center of Coventry things that are often visible and makes visible the impact that human beings have on the natural world”.

Chenine Bhathena, Creative Director of the Coventry City of Culture Trust said: “Walking Forest is a call to action for women activists in Coventry and beyond. Rooted in our communities, it will bring the stories of the women of Coventry to Glasgow next month when leaders come together to focus the conversation on the climate crisis. “

Walking Forest Coventry began with a Coventry women’s camp in May 2021, which was followed by a series of design workshops throughout the fall.

After its stint in Coventry, the tree and some of the participants and performers will travel to Glasgow for COP26, the 26th United Nations Conference of the Parties on Climate Change.

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