Capitalism is “the only answer to the environmental crisis”


“In its current form, capitalism is incompatible with an effective fight against climate change,” said John Elkington, serial entrepreneur and sustainability and corporate responsibility expert. professor at the Tel Aviv University School of Management.

“But in another state, with different ways of thinking about economics and valuation, I think capitalism is essential to tackle climate change… We have two battles at the same time, one to change capitalism and the other to deal with climate change, ”Elkington said. added.

“Several things have to happen at the same time. One is that the economy has chosen to ignore absolutely critical elements of the ecological and environmental system. This cannot continue. We cannot just deal with what is happening to species. in the oceans of the world, and to our climate and our soil as externalities – something that capitalists should not and should not worry about. They have to take these things into account and then this system can work automatically to make things better. “

“Capitalism, and not just capitalism, continues to harm the environment,” added Dr Aharoni with whom he shared a conversation. “But at the end of the day, if we look to the future, I see capitalism, like almost any other capitalism, maybe as something more responsible, maybe the only answer to the environmental crisis because I believe that the intrinsic desire for success, innovation, creation of financial value as well as other values, will push capitalism to provide the solution and to create a medicine for the wrongs that we have caused so far.

You can watch the entire exchange above.


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