Books that will help you start your year off right


Are you a chronic thinker? If so, then this book is for you. But if not, you should probably still check it out just to see if you have any lingering negative thoughts that are holding you back in life. Most of us find ourselves in the throes of “what ifs”. These “what ifs” can range from buying those shoes to quitting. Thinking too much, even the smallest decisions, will eventually set you back in life. This book aims to make the best possible decision with the information you have. Don’t make the perfect decisions, but the ones you will be comfortable making and dealing with all the consequences.

While self-help books can often be too complicated or confusing for you, you are not alone. This book offers 12 simple and revolutionary practices that aim to bring creativity into all of our lives. He breaks it down in a way that emphasizes bringing possibility into our lives and being great communicators, leaders and professionals. Creativity can help us see the world in different ways and make the most of situations, whether professional or personal. Some people may think that they are not creative, but everyone has creativity in them. Finding that creativity just requires a breakthrough of ingrained misconceptions.

The idea of ​​this book can be the key to professional and personal success. The basis of this book is as simple as its title: start with Why. Why is a business successful? Why do some people have more loyalty or following? Some of the biggest names like Martin Luther King Jr. and Steve Jobs both started with a why. They realized that people won’t really buy a product, service, or movement until they understand the why. It is the ultimate marker of success. Although the book focuses on business, it can be applied anywhere in your life. If you argue with a friend about politics, ask them why they think so. This allows for a deeper connection and understanding between people of similar or different backgrounds.


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