Book Review: The Grippiest, Jazziest Murder Mystery You’ll Ever Read | Books


Very sensitive people, these jazz musicians in difficulty: they simply seek to obtain concerts, to practice their trade and to gain a little respect for their art and their creativity. Very sensitive indeed. But so much so that you have to commit murder?

Author Durden Kell would have you believe that in his jazz mystery novel, “Death in E minor 9 [mm](Blue Room Books).

A serial killer stalks the local jazz community around Atlanta and the death toll rises rapidly as the plot unfolds. Our protagonist, known as Adman, is a top saxophonist who sees the commonalities of local band musicians fall victim and tries to put things back together.

What would motivate the killer? And was he a fan? A fellow musician? A singer? Songwriter? Show Promoter? Which?

follow the rhythm

Adman lives in a world where musicians are constantly auditioning around town at local clubs to play with house bands. And he understands the scene: “Not everyone works well together, and if someone comes in with an attitude that their shit don’t stink and they should be treated like a genius and the performance is all about them , well, the band might not be nice to them — and rightly so.

Adman suspects this might be the case, and his theory is validated by anonymous letters he receives at the killer’s house, which give enough clues to make sure he knows Adman and is part of himself. the local jazz community.


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