Aquafarm’s full draft environmental study released for review


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  • An artistic rendering of what fish farming will look like.

In an unusual turn for a developer, Nordic Aquafarm submitted to a full environmental impact report in its attempt to build a large fish farm on the Samoa peninsula. The draft report, released today, superseded a draft review in which the county determined that the aquaculture plant would not negatively impact Humboldt’s environment.

The company’s new report also reveals insignificant impacts on the water, geology and energy of Humboldt Bay. It calls for actively mitigating impacts on surface water, groundwater, water intakes, stormwater runoff, hazardous materials, soil erosion, habitat modification, soil quality, air and population increase.

The full EIR was requested by environmental groups like Humboldt Baykeeper and 350 Humboldt, and the company said it would join the further investigation in May.

“The main outstanding issue with regards to Baykeeper is ocean discharge and the potential for nutrient pollution that could exacerbate toxic algae that produces domoic acid,” Baykeeper director Jenifer Kalt said in a statement. E-mail. “There are also the impacts of the bay’s water intakes, which were not included in the initial study.

The plant is also said to be “a large consumer of energy, requiring around 15% of the output of the PG&E plant, although it is working on a power purchase agreement with Redwood Coast Energy Authority (at our insistence). They claim they will install a 3 to 5 MW solar system, but that is only a fraction of what they will need, ”Kalt added.

The Humboldt County Planning and Construction Department is expected to receive public comments until February 18, 2022. Comments can be submitted to the department at 3015 H St., Eureka, CA 95501 or [email protected] Find the full draft report here.


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