A container full of furniture and books enriches the AE Goilo school experience


WILLEMSTAD – Back to school will be a unique experience for AE students Goilo The school as they receive containers full of furniture, teaching materials and textbooks shipped from Irene School in the Netherlands.

Children, mostly from nearby and surrounding neighborhoods, will enjoy a totally different school environment that will whet their appetite for knowledge and also be a great encouragement for teachers who are enthusiastic to educate their students.

Refinery said Korsu (RdK) and CIBC FirstCaribbean collaborated with Sewing Help from Kindergartens van Curaçao, to ship the materials. There was a lot of excitement and admiration at the arrival and unloading of the the first one of three containers that are shipped with furniture, Material and books in optima forma, but no longer used at the Irene school in the Netherlands.

Sewing Help from Kindergartens van Curaçao intervened to obtain goods and provide how to ship them to Curaçao. CIBC FirstCaribbean and RdK supported Sewing Help from Kindergartens van Curaçao in this effort, by sponsoring transportation, underscoring their commitment to education and the intellectual and creative development of Curaçao’s youth.

Mrs Marie-Denise Hoyer, the principle of Goilo The school said: “The new furniture, teaching materials and books obtained really add to our ambition to have a safe, pleasant and pleasant school, where our children can develop to their maximum potential and where our teachers will work with enthusiasm. “

She added: ‘We are looking forward to the children coming to school next school year and finding their classrooms with many new arrangements which they hardly had before.. We thank Sewing Help from Kindergartens van Curaçao, Irene School in the Netherlands, RdK and CIBC FirstCaribbean for each his share of this marvelous metamorphosis.


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