6 independent bookstores across India to order your books from


Books are a constant support through the thick and thin of our lives. If you’ve been busy and miss the occasional trip to favorite bookstores, browsing, and returning with a new stash, turn to these independent bookstores that will deliver books to your doorstep. The best part is the neatly curated collections. You will have a hard time finding these books in mainstream stores.

Traveling book fairs

Originally based in Bhubaneshwar in Odisha, Walking Bookfairs is the brainchild of Akshaya Bahibala and Satabdi Mishra. With a mission to popularize Indian writings and instill a love of books in everyone, the duo set off with books in their backpacks and went door-to-door in small towns in Koraput district in Odisha. Today, Walking Bookfairs is spread across 20 states across the country, with Bangalore being a major hub. The bookstore is a cozy place with a carefully curated collection that is regularly updated. In these trying times, they’ve partnered with Swiggy to deliver books to your doorstep. Their ‘mobile book’, a library and bookstore on wheels, is also on the move and has traveled over 35,000 km to deliver books to everyone. Head to their social media page for more information.

May Day Bookstore

This Delhi-based left-wing bookstore was launched on May 1, 2012. The space they occupy in Shadi Khampur, West Delhi, is quite unique. Attached to a community space that was previously used by many theater companies, you can easily hang out in this quaint space and enjoy plays, shows, music concerts, and even engage in conversation with locals. other readers. Head to their website to place orders online.

Champaca Bookstore

This Bangalore-based bookstore doubles as a library and café offering the perfect setting to spend a lovely afternoon with your favorite book. Don’t worry if you can’t get there, you can easily subscribe on their website and have your books delivered nationwide. You can order from their latest collection and also take advantage of a number of great offers.

earth care books

This Kolkata bookstore located on bustling Middleton Street is a cozy space with a rustic, earthy feel. Much of their collection is about nature, the environment, sustainable food and eco-friendly living. Books by renowned environmentalists and conservationists can be found here. Their collection includes everything from comics, fiction, non-fiction, and children’s books. Head to their website to place your order. More here.

Rachna Bookstore

Nestled amidst the spectacular Himalayas in the city of Gangtok, Rachna Books is every bibliophile’s paradise. Besides an amazing collection, this independent publishing house also organizes readings, slam poetry events, storytelling sessions, open mics, musical concerts and other events. Head to their website to browse the virtual shelves and subscribe to their latest collection. And check out their Instagram page for more info on ordering books. More here.

seagull books

In addition to its online store, this award-winning publishing house has a store at Bhawanipore in Kolkata which is now open. They allow you to download some of their books for free. Head to their website to see how, and learn about their latest collections and ordering options.


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