5 great books for entrepreneurs


An important part of being an entrepreneur is increasing your intellectual knowledge; That is why before starting any project you must learn and understand the vision of those who at some point in their life started under the same conditions as you.


These visions and experiences will allow you to know more about the environment in which you intend to enter, in addition to that, they will help you to clear up some clouds on which is the real project which will adapt to your needs and above all to your economic situation and social realities.

A large part of this journey or this experience is precisely written in various books which will allow you to deepen your knowledge on the subject, and above all they will encourage you to continue on your way; the path to your new project and your future.

For this reason, I would like to recommend some of the books that are essential for any entrepreneur.

1. The 48 laws of power

This book should be part of your personal library. It contains some of the rules that you should follow and observe in any place, call it work, business, politics, family etc. It has a really nice wording and that will help you understand some of the more common mistakes that can cost us dearly. work, clients and even friendship or love.

Its formulation is largely political, but without a doubt some of its advice applies to all aspects of your daily life, since one of the great qualities of any entrepreneur is precisely that of being a great negotiator.

Robert greene the author of the book is a great connoisseur of political questions; and in this book he has been commissioned to compile some political experiences which have been of great historical significance. For this reason, in this book you will find political passages from Alexander the Great, advice from Nicholas Machiavelli and even decisions made by John F. Kennedy. For this reason, this book, in addition to being a treatise on politics, is also a guide for entrepreneurs, explaining the dos and don’ts on the road to success.

2. Rich daddy, poor daddy

Perhaps one of the books that most excites and helps change the mindset of becoming an entrepreneur.

In this great book are the experiences of the author Robert kiyosaki , who started his project from scratch and possibly under conditions much inferior to yours. This book addresses the issues of vocational education, ie how children are educated to become employees; family customs with regard to professions, especially when the family influences the choice of a university degree or a profession, which sometimes generates a feeling of failure; the current and future situation of entrepreneurs and especially him because you have to become one of them.

Robert Kiyosaki, author of the book, is a columnist, businessman and motivational speaker in various forums, a large part of his books are based on the one hand on creating an entrepreneurial attitude in the reader, on the other hand he seeks the reader to identify the niches of opportunity to create a business that Kiyosaki believes should operate within the network scheme, since this previous scheme allows any project to grow without limit.

3. Heroes

Without a doubt one of the best motivational books for entrepreneurs. Within it, five profiles are discussed who radically changed their lives when they analyzed their situation and their conditions. It is a fascinating book in each of its chapters which are a mix between the author’s stories and the testimonies of the protagonists.

Each of its chapters allows us to reflect on our current situation and how to deal with the problems that plague us and which are often only barriers in our minds.

His author Rhonda Byrne is a speaker, writer and producer. She became famous for her book The Secret which, like a hero, strives to awaken in the individual a consciousness which allows him to generate what she calls the law of attraction. This law is characterized by the change of attitude of the individual vis-à-vis life, work and his social circle, taking as a premise “if you have it in mind, you have it in hand “.

4. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn

Motivation is a fundamental part of the entrepreneur, and it is perhaps one of the most necessary elements to start any project; For this reason, it is necessary that at the beginning or during the project you find yourself in a continuous motivation in order to be able to carry out your business or activity. Now, you may be going through a complicated situation derived from a bad project or failure.

For this situation, it is recommended precisely to read the words of John C. Maxwell that motivate you to leave this bitter experience in the past, which you should only value as learning without getting involved in an ongoing reminder that keeps you from moving beyond that topic. Besides helping weather the storm, this book provides important life lessons, which are real knowledge, especially when plans don’t go as planned.

John C. Maxwell author of the book is a writer and speaker specializing in leadership issues, his books are considered bestsellers by the New York Times It is therefore advisable to keep track of its various publications, which are of great value especially when we are talking about leadership issues. A hallmark of their posts is how easily their ideas are understood and how enjoyable it is to read their chapters, which are usually short and practical.

5. Little capitalist pig

One of the most important aspects of any entrepreneur is knowing how to manage their finances. Have a perfect knowledge of your income and expenses as well as present and future expenses that will have to be incurred; For this reason, this book is a practical way to teach how to manage your financial resources and how to achieve big savings with small sacrifices. It is advisable to first read the version ” Little capitalist pig. Personal finance for hippies, yuppies and bohemians ” that emphasizes personal savings and how to achieve it.

In its second version entitled ” Little capitalist pig. Investments “ Which contains more specialized language, focuses precisely on how to invest this savings, that is, how to make it grow to generate higher dividends.

Sofia macías , author of the book, is a consultant in financial education and personal finance; Within these titles of “Little capitalist pig” is a comprehensive guide to small savings that will discipline you in your personal economy.

This book is a great recommendation for young and old alike who survive fortnightly or monthly on a few pesos due to poor financial management.

These are just a few of the books that I recommend reading when trying to enter the world of entrepreneurship, there you will find valuable lessons, tips and stories from various people who are now successful entrepreneurs. and that they can serve to cement the foundations of your project economics.

It is also recommended that you pay attention to the phrases and dialogues expressed in the previous books, which can make you see the ability that exists within you and which only needs a trigger to demonstrate your talent.


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